Today I am typing outside of Starbucks while the S.O. is getting a haircut.

I was doing homework… until I reached a point that made me stare at the problem longer than I should have had to. Majoring in Finance has had it’s moments of pure exhaustion and frustration. There have been times where I have hysterically cried, I literally mean sitting there crying loudly, and not being able to stop. All of the reasons why I have cried has come down to pure exhaustion, stress, or coming to work on homework after my full-time job. Usually I try to complete all of my homework before Sunday so I have a day of relaxation and to reset my brain. Trust me it’s needed, I mean I obviously work myself til my body can’t handle anymore. However this week… this week is different, this week’s worth of work has caused more breaks than usual. A lot more breaks. Like I can’t even begin to explain how many times I have walked away from the textbook or computer shaking my head. I have taken classes in Microsoft office, so this week has consisted of getting frustrated more than usual when I can’t figure out a damn function within Excel. My war against Microsoft Excel sums up this week perfectly. It’s probably user error, let’s just say it is user error.

Back to my Sunday’s, we don’t need to talk about my frustration anymore. We have decided this is our day together. Because the week is so overwhelming with both of our responsibilities we needed to create a day for just us. Keep our relationship sane, keep us sane, and start the week a little more blissful. No errands, just enjoyment of each other.

And since this Sunday includes my homework unlike we hoped he is getting a hair cut while I try to complete everything at Starbucks…. and we can now see how well that is going right now.

So once he gets done we will go have a yummy and delicious lunch and possibly shop just for fun. Not for things we need, but for things that we will enjoy. More than likely a book for me. Maybe go to the movies. Or find something on Groupon to do. I know you have all previously read about our Groupon dates. If not go read it. We ball on a dime. Speaking of Groupon, I gave him his birthday present early so he can enjoy it on his actual birthday since I am working that day… I found a Groupon for Private Pilot License Training. It’s a goal of his to become a pilot, so I wanted to help him reach that goal.

Now back to the main reason of this post. Find your day. Find a day that works for you to reset your brain. Having a day provides you the time to enjoy life. We are constantly working to save for retirement, or a financial goal, or to pay our bills, all while life is passing us by. We need to enjoy the time we are here. Whether you like relaxing by a lake reading a book, enjoying the calm, or skydiving, you’re essentially enjoying life. Find that day, it is important to your mental health. We found our to be Sunday. Each week we get to enjoy life in some aspect, and we get to enjoy it together.


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