30 Day Challenge Update

I take a week off from posting and I feel lost! No more I say! No more! Here's an update. I don't like the challenges. I'm going to finish them because I can't quit. But I am halfway through and I am going to tell you why I don't like them thus far. On some … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Update


The Manitou Incline

The Maintou Incline... what can I say about this wonderful, challenging, and beautiful climb here in Colorado? For starters, I have injured myself ALMOST every single time I have climb the steps of the incline. The wonderful 2700 steps. The Manitou Incline increases in altitude by a little over 2,000 feet, a little less than … Continue reading The Manitou Incline


Today I am typing outside of Starbucks while the S.O. is getting a haircut. I was doing homework... until I reached a point that made me stare at the problem longer than I should have had to. Majoring in Finance has had it's moments of pure exhaustion and frustration. There have been times where I … Continue reading Sundays